Monday, 26 November 2007

calling all vampires.

i stumbled across Free Blood yesterday (not literally.. that's just the name of the band). i figured they had a cool name and my thirst for stuff i haven't heard before is beyond believable. so i checked them out and i have to say it was a very wise decision! they've been going for quite a while but i can't recall anyone mentioning them to me before.

they're a two piece from New York and they make this scratchy kind of funky electro. think Chromeo funky and Friendly Fires scratchy. there's the clapping and strong basslines and that bit of catchiness that's crucial to good tuuuunes. it's brilliant.

Free Blood - Quick And Painful
[right click and save]

what. the.

whilst Perez is busy comparing The Maccabees to Keane (what the fuck is that about???) i have been listening to copious amounts of brand new brilliant musics!

are from Brighton via London and they are going to be big. with a few pushes in the right directions and the right people, Flashguns should take 2008 claim it as their own and put a little flag on it (metaphorically speaking). they're heavily influenced by bands such as The Smiths, Bloc Party, The Maccabees and Bombay Bicycle Club. and you can tell.

Flashguns have taken elements and so much more from all these bands and twisted it into their own fast-paced brand of melodic guitar indie pop. it twinkles and it shines and it sparkles and it's delightful.

they don't just make pop music, they make it wonderfully.

the song below is my song of the week (i need opinions - song of the week to be a regular thing. yay or nay?) as the moment i heard it, i loved it.

Flashguns - Good Witch/Bad Witch [right click and save as! my bandwidth does not reset for another 27 days and it's half gone...] only available for a short timeeee.

there's another track up for grabs at their myspace page so i highly recommend that you go directly there and pick it up asap.

ps. i am now officially HYPED!