Friday, 30 November 2007

how do i say this.

last night saw the live return of The Futureheads. playing their first UK live show of 2007 and showcasing some brand new songs.

i don't quite think words can describe how much i was anticipating this gig. when they were about to come onstage i thought my head and my heart were going to explode simultaneously.

so, expectations aside, the band were absolutely on form and the crowd was brilliant. during 'Hounds Of Love' there wasn't even a need for the band to ask the crowd to go "oh oh".

The Futureheads launched into an amazing tirade, kicking their set off with stomping track after stomping track. 'Meantime' followed by 'City Is Here For You To Use' followed by 'Broke Up The Time' followed by 'A To B'.

new tracks like 'Twist' and 'Everything's Changing' sound completely fresh and i can't wait to hear the recorded versions.
'Radio Heart', another new track that the band described as "punk tango", was phenomenal and stood out by far.

'Man Ray' is definitely my favourite song ever and hearing it live doesn't disappoint. the band kept it til before the encore and belted it out. absolutely everyone was shouting "touch each other black and white!".

'Area' broke us into the start of the amazing encore. the band's energy was rife and you could see how excited they were to be back onstage in front of a crowd that actually cared.
'Picture Of Dorian Gray' was up next, their cover of the Television Personalities track. and they finally finished things up with the much awaited 'Piece Of Crap'. the room erupted into complete chaos. no one thought it was going to happen but it did and shouting "he was a piece of crap!!" was ace.

The Futureheads. my love will never cease. i didn't think it was possible to like them more but after last night i really do and i have ants in my pants because i cannot wait to see them again in Sunderland on the 7th. wooooo.

The Futureheads - Man Ray [zshare]