Monday, 10 December 2007

limbs in general.

back at the end of May i briefly mentioned a band called ARMS AT LAST on this blog of mine.

if you didn't check them out then you have wasted so much time. they've now put some new tracks up on their myspace page that they have made with the help of Andy from Elle S'appelle (the tracks not the page haha).

and they sound absolutely fantastic. influenced by XTC and Nick Drake ARMS AT LAST sound like what would happen if Dartz! and Hot Club De Paris had an affair.

as much as i hate to admit it (because of good old city rivalry) Liverpool's musical output at the moment (and over the past twelve months) has been and still is completely brilliant. i just wish we had as many local bands as good as this to be proud of. instead we get lumbered with shite like The Courteeners and a thousand imitations.

bands like ARMS AT LAST should never disappear. or i'll cry.

go to their myspace for tuuuuunes.