Sunday, 16 December 2007


been a little busy lately (writing essays while drunk, doing presentations hungover, going home for xmas etc etc) so forgive me if this is a short update!

i've been listening to Damn Shames a bit recently. i heard the name absolutely ages ago but no one convinced me to actually listen to them. then i got hold of a couple of tracks and i really really like them.

they're fast paced, funk and punk infused type guitar music. they remind me a little bit of The Rapture and a little bit of Cut Off Your Hands. they're from Scotland and they are good. really want to see them live!

Damn Shames - Last Things (YSI)

their new single 'Fear Of Assault' is out so go and buy it if you like their sound.

re: the last post! it started some nice discussion and i am going to be doing some investigating during the holidays and hopefully coming up with a large list of all the best bands in Manchester. there are a few already down (Modernaire, Sir Yes Sir, The Ting Tings..) so check those out whilst i see how bad our band scene really is.

you might have noticed i now have a banner on the top of the blog. done by my mate Benj. i think it's pretty ace.

also i got a nice little mention on the newest Song By Toad podcast. highly reccommend that you check that out!