Saturday, 22 December 2007

merry xmas.

song of the week (and whatever's left of 2007) is a biased one (legitimately so) this time round. you've got to be able to plug a friend's band every now and then, right?

Mr Fang - Miss Deluxe (YSI)

Mr Fang are a three piece from Manchester (and are currently looking for a drummer - even a shit one will do they said). they would not like to play in stadiums nor would they like to duet with Kate Nash. they also dislike being compared to Hadouken! (with some serious lazy journalism going on who wouldn't?) and although they would not like it if everyone said they were amazing all the time, they do not like being called shit (especially when shit equates to having no substance).
they have been on Radio 1 because big daddy Lamacq likes their tunes but they aren't sure Edith Bowman would feel the same way.

Mr Fang like Big Black, Blood Brothers, Black Flag, Test Icicles and Les Savy Fav quite a bit. they are also working on making their sound more "poppy" though they aren't sure what pop is.

they are good so download the track asap because YSI only hosts files for 7 days. and go and leave Mr Fang myspace comments about how much you'd like their babies.

and and they are playing Camden Turtle with Popular Workshop on Janury 11th and i think that if you have some spare dollahz and would like to witness some fitness you should come to the gig. and if you live in Manchester Mr Fang are doing some megabus trip madness deal for £8. myspace for details.