Sunday, 6 January 2008

haha 2008

Bands And Artists You'll Be Saying Are "Over-Rated" In Twelve Months Time. is the title of this post which shall also be known as Jamila's Very Un-Thoughtful (.. only geniuses create words you know) Big In 2008 Predictions.

1. ADELE. oh my GODDDD would people stop bumming her? thanks. she has an amazing voice i completely agree but how obvious is it that she's going to be this year's Kate Nash? that is in other words 'a very promising beginning. excitement for album. single release. major single abuse/rinsing/overplaying/radio 1 daytime looping. album release. boring on the whole. a few passable tracks. one/two good tracks. the rest being watered down to appease the 'average joe' public'. ahem. hopefully she has too much sense to let this happen.

2. LAURA MARLING. love her sound. lover her music. i'm really hoping i'll be proved wrong with this one. and that she doesn't go down the same path as mentioned re: Kate Nash above.

3. LIGHTSPEED CHAMPION. because he actually is over-rated?!

4. THESE NEW PURITANS. even after a luke warm debut album i predict hefty media attention. and some kind of 'we're the anti-Klaxons (but not really)' NME headline accompanying their inevitable cover.

5. THE TING TINGS. you love them now. but 'That's Not My Name' is so fucking catchy it's destined to be 2008's 'Umbrella' or something. i predict a re-release around an album/EP. radio 1 extreme airtime. then people will start asking for it at their local Oceana/shit shit shit nightclub that is only frequented by what i like to called shedheads.

6. LATE OF THE PIER. are going to be gi-normous. and it's going to get so old so fast. lets just hope their debut album is too weird for Jo annoyingpleasegoaway Wiley and Edith i'matwatwhoplaysmusicfortwats Bowman and your general tracksuit/UGG(ly) boot wearing member of the lovely but dim population of the UK.

there's a couple others i could probably put on here but i don't want to be completely and utterly wrong by next January.
i was going to put Los Campesinos! on here a few days ago but having heard the forthcoming album i've completely changed my mind. kudos to them for having an album just that little bit too strange. (which i mean in a completely good way by the by!)

lists lists lists. don't you just hate them? well. obviously the general blogger doesn't because lord knows i've seen so many lately! normal not list-y posting and less bitterness from moi resuming shortly.