Tuesday, 8 January 2008

who took me to wimpy for a big night out?

I know this blog focuses a lot of new music but I think a look into the past can be just as good sometimes.

Delta 5 were originally a 3 piece (who later became a 5 piece) that formed in Leeds in the late 70s. And their music is brilliant. No doubt you’ll be familiar with unforgettable sound of ‘Mind Your Own Business’, Delta 5’s first ever single. Even if you don’t know you’ve heard it you will have done.

In similar style to fellow Leeds band Gang Of Four, Delta 5’s sound is full of jangly guitars, spoken words being almost sung and bass, bass and more bass. Scathing lyrics, their contributions to Rock Against Racism and a feminist approach combined with their ‘unusual’ line up (three girls, two boys) pushed Delta 5 into the public eye for the short time they were active.

Their first three singles (‘Mind Your Own Business’ in ‘79, ‘Anticipation’ in ’80 and ‘Try’ also in ’80) were all absolutely immense, and the b-sides (‘Now That You’ve Gone’, ‘You’ and ‘Colour’) were as good as, if not better than, the a-sides.

Listen listen listen. And love love love.

Delta 5 – You [YSI]
Delta 5 – Triangle [YSI]