Thursday, 10 January 2008

we think you're a joke so shove your hope..

Last month I went to see M.I.A perform in Manchester. Whilst M.I.A was superb and completely on form, the real impressers of the night were the people who accompanied her onstage.

Santogold’s popularity is steadily growing throughout the blogging community, and whilst there hasn’t been any obvious explosion of hype surrounding her, she is one of the few who actually deserves it.
This outfit, made up numerous participants from the likes of Diplo to Radioclit and a former Bad Brains drummer, is not just a M.I.A rip-off as some may think at first glance. The conscious decision to make Santi White (vocals) the face of Santogold have come at no cost, apart from the occasional lazy journalist who thinks Santogold is two words. Therefore Santogold should actually be referred to as ‘her’.
Every song sounds different. Santogold utilises everything from reggae beats to electro vibes to create her wonderful sound. Genre blending would be an understatement.

Santogold - Shove It feat. Spank Rock [YSI]

I was pretty excited when Afrikan Boy leapt onstage. Anyone who says ‘Lidl’ isn’t just shy of genius is probably deaf or only likes “properly sung” songs. Anyway, ‘Hussel’ is one of my favourite songs of 2007 and my favourite off the ‘Kala’ album. With Afrikan Boy there live it made things just that extra bit special.

Afrikan Boy - Lidl [YSI]

Rye Rye was bouncing around the stage, brimming with confidence. She’s only 16 (!!! god I feel old?!) but boy can she work it. The snippets of ‘Shake It To The Ground’ she injected into the set were wonderfully placed. I have a feeling she’s a force to be reckoned with.

Rye Rye - Wassup Wassup [YSI]

When Rye Rye and Afrikan Boy came together with M.I.A to perform ‘Paper Planes, the remix’ it was pretty much brilliant.

M.I.A - Paper Planes, the remix feat. Rye Rye and Afrikan Boy [YSI]

I’ll be watching all these three throughout 2008. Keep your eyes on the game. (I was so tempted to put “playah” at the end of that sentence… too much watching Snoop Dogg's Father Hood - which is absolute quality tv by the way).