Friday, 1 February 2008

new new new

A five piece from Leicester, MINNAARS met in various ways through their local music scene. They make poppy, math-indie influenced by the likes of Minus The Bear, Radiohead and Youthmovies although the band dabble in a wider reaching spectrum of artists such as James Brown and Fela Kuti.

“We're evolving very quickly and just starting to get into a stride. The first two songs we put on myspace are literally the first two songs we wrote. People should listen to MINNAARS so they can dance, think and listen to us evolve,” says Neil Humphrey (guitar/vocals) on why you should listen to his band. “I like to think that we could get you dancing and thinking at the same time.”

Complex time signatures and catchy vocals, MINNAARS are like some weird blend of Foals meets The Futureheads but slightly heavier. “Our sound is changing all the time and we keep acquiring new instruments and synths etc, so where we are in 12 months is anyone’s guess... I'm just sure it'll have a strong melody and a foot tapping beat,” Neil explains.

MINNAARS are a brand new band who certainly sound like they are well on their way to accomplishing something wonderful with their music. Whilst a lot of guitar dominated indie moves into bland and boring mainstream territory, this band provides something fresh and exciting.

MINNAARS – Spelt With A K [YSI] [SENDSPACE mirror]