Sunday, 3 February 2008

match point.

Spawned from the demise of their previous bands, Super Tennis are a three piece that make shouty, incredibly catchy, guitar driven songs. They like tennis quite a bit and go by their first names plus the last name of famous tennis players’ names. “We once thought it sounded like Pat Cash and Sue Barker chatting through the medium of air fresheners,” Tom McEnroe says, “but perhaps our sound is most accurately described as a combination of Def Leppard and R Kelly b-sides covered by the Kinsella family band on a fine summer's sports day.”

As well as being influenced by tennis (obviously…), tennis players, “clean living, fun times and exotic beers”, the band also point out Les Savy Fav, Broken Social Scene and the Kinsella family as noteworthy in their book of inspirations.

Joining in what seems to be the most revolutionary thing to have happened in musical history since the end of Britpop and the emergence of Girl Power, the band and their label (Faux Discx) have put out an EP for zero pennies. You can download it if you head over to their myspace. Is legitimately free music the way forward? If it’s always this good then the answer is obviously yes.

Super Tennis - European Honey Babies / Shyamtronix [YSI] [SENDSPACE mirror]


another banging tune has just gone up from Firas.

Firas - Shunt [ysi] [zshare mirror]

straight to the point and 100% danceworthy, this track is surely a fire starter on the dancefloor.

electro goodness to the max. check it outtttttttt.