Wednesday, 5 March 2008



some people can. some people can't. you are one of the people who clearly CANNOT.

Kate Nash - Men's Needs

ugh. listen at your peril.

ps. how daft does she look in this video compared to the ultimate geniusness and hilarity of Keith & Chris W.A.S:

vinyl 'n vinyl?

I really must apologise for the lack of substantial posting as of late! Life gets in the way.

Anywayyyy! Oh my goooosh. 2008 you really are popping them out! Albums ‘of yay’ I like to call them. picking a top ten by the time December rolls around is going to be serioussssly difficult.
I have managed to listen to the delights of several 2008 albums, some yet to be released. Already for me there’s been Vampire Weekend’s debut [buy!], Blood Red Shoes [pre-order!], Foals [pre-order!], Be Your Own Pet [pre-order!], Hot Chip [buy!], Elle Milano [pre-order!].. the list goes on.

Just the other night I got my hands on Tapes 'n Tapes forthcoming album. And it’s brilliant. So brilliant.

Tapes 'n Tapes have always been good at making sure they sound like themselves. There’s something modern baroque pop about them, but without the intensity of bands like Arcade Fire, and there’s also that shoegaze vibe, mixed in like a dash of salt to their giant pot full of clever guitars and entrancing vocals.

‘The Loon’ was such a good album and I’m really happy they are following it up with an equally good (or perhaps a better) second album.

Tapes 'n Tapes - Hang Them All (linked legit-ly, haha. just for you XL, just for you. especially seeing as you kicked my arse last time). but yeah. seriously this song is just a tiny taster! the rest of the album is even more brilliant.

it's called 'Walk It Off' and is out on April 8th.