Monday, 10 March 2008


right. so the Mystery Jets album has leaked.

i will refrain from posting up any tracks but why does 'MJ' sound like The Police?? not even just a little bit. but LOADS and LOADS.

'Young Love' the single with Laura Marling is out now. buy here. pre order the album here.

slow kids

Cheeky Cheeky And The Nosebleeds are extremely addictive.

they're a five piece from Suffolk and they make delectable pop music. I’m pretty surprised they haven’t exploded onto absolutely everyone’s radar yet. hopefully late 2008 will bring them much success because they deserve it with songs as good as theirs are.

witty and clever lyrics are spread on top of quirky yet unbelievably dancey guitars. their music is jangly, it’s jingly, it’s everything I could ever want from indie pop.

Cheeky Cheeky And The Nosebleeds – Irritating

Cheeky Cheeky And The Nosebleeds – Time Travel

their debut single, ‘Slow Kids’ is released March 17th and you can pre-order it hereeeee.