Thursday, 3 April 2008


well well well. The Futureheads' third album, titled 'This Is Not The World', has leaked. and i must say.. it's pretty good!

there was always the worry that the album wouldn't be able to top the sound of the second (which a lot of people actually disliked). but never fear. The Futureheads have clearly worked their arses off and managed to return more to their punky roots and create a fast paced and catchy album that lasts just under 40 minutes.

worth the wait? i reckon so.

The Futureheads - Work Is Never Done [removed by request]

it's due out May 26th.

ALSO. today is the ONE YEAR anniversary of this blog. :) so a massive massive thank you to everyone who has ever read all my ramblings/given me a leg up/left me a comment/added me on myspace/sent me free music/linked to me. lets see if i make it through the next 365 days and another 50,000 website hits! x