Saturday, 5 April 2008

must be an angel.

now that the weather is warming up i have plenty of excuse to post songs just because they fit so well with good weather!

one of these such songs is the following.

Josef K - Heaven Sent

Josef K were a Scottish post-punk band formed in 1979 and were many times dubbed "the original indie band" because of their underground success and belonging to Postcard Recordings. they have exerted an insane amount of influence over today's 'indie' bands and probably without most people knowing it. after the band came to an end, guitarist Malcolm Ross went on to join label mates Orange Juice.

i love Josef K and this song is unbelievably amazing. so yeah. listen and love if you haven't already!

bare naked.

Radiohead - Nude (live on Johnathan Ross 4th April)

insanely exquisite!