Wednesday, 23 April 2008

sex sells.

i WILL get round to posting about Camden Crawl. except i'm 1500 words into the 4000 i have to have finished for next Monday. so as you can imagine i'm utilising all modes of procrastination very well (wtf is that Facebook Chat thing?) and hoping the essays will do themselves. after that's done i'm 100% university free until mid September so expect a flurry of posts to keep you going through the sunshine!

for the time being..

Santogold's very charismatic frontlady (Santi White) is the epitome of cool in my eyes at the moment. i got my hands on an EP called 'Sex Sells' by her former pop-punk band Stiffed. it's very The Noisettes a la retro sounding basslines with Santi's voice smoothed out over the top and a definite dub influence. it's pretty good stuff!

Stiffed - Night-time lovin' [ysi]

i know the Santogold album has leaked. i haven't had a chance to listen yet but i've heard it's very very good!