Wednesday, 7 May 2008

OK at blogging?

tomorrow night sees the incredible Les Savy Fav descend on Kingston Upon Thames. supporting Tim Harrington and co. at the New Slang/Banquet curated event are We Are The Physics.

We Are The Physics' debut album, titled 'We Are The Physics Are OK At Music', was released this Monday. all twelve tracks are rattled through in just under half an hour. splitting at the seams with ferocious guitars and insanely catchy choruses, We Are The Physics combine their influences and talent into one hell of a brilliant album. think Ex Models' noise thrown into Devo's quirkiness, and finally glued together with the tight playing of The Futureheads.

We Are The Physics - Fear Of Words [YSI]
We Are The Physics - Networking [YSI]

if abrupt endings and a mouth watering amount of witty lyrics tickle your fancy, you'll probably love this album as much as i do. buy it here.

get nasty.

in a week and a half (roughly) the city of Leeds will be playing host to an insane amount of good bands at the one and only Nastyfest.

the line up is pant-wettingly good, and it is all costing the ridiculous sum of £12. twelve pounds for twelve hours of insanely amazing music. bargains really don't come better than that.

one of the first bands on the day's bill is hey! Panda.

hey! Panda hail from Halifax (home of the fantastic Eureka! museum), and manage to create an explosion of jerky, fast paced, post-punk/no wave noise. the four-piece accurately self describe as "dancepunk", taking influence from bands such as Death From Above, LCD Soundsystem and Q & Not U. their live demos are laced with bleeting synths and a good dose of hi-hat abuse.

hey! Panda - fingerPainting (live)

i am rather excited to see them play! along with practically every single other band playing. what a day it's going to be. get along to it if you can. buy tickets for Nastyfest here. you can download more songs from hey! Panda at their myspace here.