Friday, 23 May 2008


and so in the wake of American Idol season 7 another excruitiatingly boooooooring 'RAAAAAAAWK STAAAAAR' decends upon the world.

lucky for you and me the US of A does spout out numerous bands worthy of deafening your ear drums just that little bit more.

last Saturday i went off to Leeds to Nastyfest avec Carl @ Illegal Tender who has done a write up hereeee. i managed to miss Spondi Pradlo (who i've heard were mentaaaal) because i was busy getting lost trying to find the venue. i did however catch the rest of the bands mentioned. the one band missing are of course No Age!

there's two of them. they come from LA. blah blah blah. the point i'm trying to make is that they were fantastic on the night. and the new album 'Nouns' is amazing.

the band rattled through their set, playing a wonderfully structured set list (i was just happy as long as they played 'Boy Void'). the crowd obviously loved them as the room pretty much erupted into one giant bobbing mosh pit. it got sweaty and the band seemed to get more fraught with energy towards the end of their set.

my mum says No Age "just sound like noise" but fuck me it's a beautiful noise. if you can, go and see them. buy Nouns here.

No Age - Eraser
No Age - Sleeper Hold