Saturday, 31 May 2008

starlings of the slipstream.

their myspace background is epileptic fit enducing but i reckon their songs more than make up for that. Darlings Of The Splitscreen are a three piece from Sheffield. they make bleepy bloopy music. like a darker, sexier, more sinister To My Boy. and it's fucking addictive. they've just re-recorded forthcoming single 'Hiroshima' and put that along with the b-side 'Turn Around' up for freeeeeeeee download on their myspace page and they're sounding bloody brilliant. it's like someone's left Blondie and Hot Chip in a blender then drank the contents. check them out while you can!

Darlings Of The Splitscreen - Turn Around
Darlings Of The Splitscreen - Touched By Telepathy (Modernaire Remix)