Monday, 2 June 2008

rifle, i knew you when you were just a pistol

usually i'm pretty rubbish at doing much with the emails i get sent from PR peoples unless the subject title grabs me. anyway, i thought i'd try my hand at being slightly professional and sift through the numerous unread messages haunting me.

soooo. i stumble across this pretty wordy press release from a label in America that has a free EP attached to it. the last line reads "her influences are psychedelic rock, the sexual revolution and using drugs like cannabis and LSD to explore consciousness" so i decide to go ahead and listen to the EP, haha.

the band are a four piece from Ohio called Hot Cha Cha and their songs throw German, English and French lyrics around between Sonic Youth/MBV influenced guitars. it's grungey (.. give back Cobain's ashes!!), it's post-punky, it's The Duke Spirit-y, it's Metric-y and it's pretty bloody good. female fronted post-punk for 2008 comin' atcha!

Hot Cha Cha - It's Hard To Be A White Boy In 1992
Hot Cha Cha - J'accuse

you can order the ep hereeee.

take it or leave it.

here's the video for the forthcoming (and debut!) single from Lo-Fi Culture Scene. i've already mentioned the band on my blog (heeeere) so it's nice to see them getting their foot in the door, and with ace label DIY-sters KIDS they're stood at a pretty neat door!

it's out June 30th and you can pre-order the hand numbered limited edition single here.