Sunday, 8 June 2008

there's a pain in my chest.

i, unlike almost every other music blogger ever (please note the slight exaggeration) have yet to write about Black Kids. i figure everyone knows the basics about the band soooo i'm going to be uber lazy and direct you towards a feature/interview i did on the band for High Voltage in March and give you a new (?) track of theirs. i'm not entirely sure where it's from (an album? b-side?) so if anyone wants to fill in the gaps that'd be great because it's a bloody brilliant song. much less immediate but in a good way. it's darker than previous singles which is refreshing after seeing people bouncing up and down to 'I'm Not Gonna Teach..' night after night after night in clubs.

read the feature @ High Voltage.

Black Kids - Designs On AKA You