Wednesday, 2 July 2008

fantasy black channel.

Late Of The Pier's forthcoming album, 'Fantasy Black Channel', is paaaaaainfully (and sloooowly) leaking onto the internet track by track.

it's probably safe to say this is one of my most anticipated album releases of 2008. the album is due of August 11th which seems like an impossible amount of time away.

make do with this pretty fantastic track. it's not as devastatingly 80s as previous material, but it's definitely repeat button worthy! lets hope the rest sounds just as good.

Late Of The Pier - The Enemy Are The Future

pre-order the album here.

the rhythm method.

the rhythm method, also known as "fertility awareness," is a method of birth control that uses the menstrual cycle to predict your most fertile time of the month.

The Rhythm Method is also Sebastien Grainger’s (from DFA 1979) new side project. the forthcoming, double a-side single is being released on 50 Bones. would you ever expect anything less than brilliant from Grainger? both tracks fuse electronic waves with a chilled out bassline to create irresistibly danceable music.

it might all sound like sex but it probably won’t get you pregnant.

The Rhythm Method – When You Go Out

pick up the ltd edition 7” (out July 21st) and listen to the a-side ‘Renegade Silence’ here.