Thursday, 3 July 2008

i can has compilation?

the one thing I’ve always really really loved about Artrocker is the free compilation CDs it sometimes comes with. they’re usually ram packed with brilliant unsigned bands. not just any old unsigned rubbish but quality bands making really decent music that is bubbling away under the surface of the scene.

the first ever compilation I managed to get my hands on was ‘Artrocker Summer Of Six’ which came free with issue 39 in June 2006. looking back, it was a pretty significant CD! it introduced me, for the first time, to Hot Club De Paris, Victorian English Gentlemens Club, The Horrors (lololol), Die! Die! Die!, Punish The Atom and Elle Milano. at the time, I was starting to get into music in a much more serious way and I began to constantly search for any new music. these CDs offered me a great alternative to whatever was on the front cover of NME each week. the bands Artrocker compiled were more gritty, and far more interesting to listen to. every song sounded totally different to the previous one, yet they all managed to fit together like a glove to a hand. much like Artrocker’s writing style, there was no filler and a lack of bullshit.

with their latest offering, Artrocker has brought much of the same. ‘Artrocker Unsigned ’08 Vol. 4’ is bursting at the seams with fresh, hot talent. there’s tracks from Elle S’appelle, Let’s Wrestle, John & Jehn and Paper Planes, plus a whole host of ace songs by some even more unknown names. I spend the majority of my spare time (which is.. erm.. all the time) looking for new music and, most importantly, good music. these compilations make my life easy peasy lemon squeezy. someone email Artrocker and ask them to never stop, plz?

here's a few stellar tracks off the latest CD.

White Denim – Mess Your Hair Up

Diamond Sea – Heavy Skies
Racecar Red - Shrimp

it’s probably sold out in shops by now because I’m (cleverly!) a whole month late. but you can pick up a copy of the July issue, complete with CD, here.