Friday, 1 August 2008

everybody wants to get with another girl.

Newcastle's answer to Vampire Weekend? there's a sentence i didn't think i'd be writing any time soon. or ever ever.

Little Comets consists of Robert, Mark, Michael and Matt and they make guitar pop music skewered with a melodic exoticness to satisfy your every foot-tapping need. repeat button worthy. catchy. delectable in all senses of the word. just bloody brilliant.

'Friday Don't Need It' screeeeeeeeeams Clap Your Hands Say Yeah meets Born Ruffians. fucking fantastic does not even begin to cover it so just download it and love it.

Little Comets - Friday Don't Need It

they've already racked up quite a few plays on their myspace and they're playing a hole host of town up in t'norf at the moment so i'd recommend you catch them asap!

ps. i'm definitely heading to Offset Festival after the birthday fairy kindly granted me not one but two tickets yesterday! happy days.