Wednesday, 6 August 2008

the strangest thing.

'Your search - "clare maguire" - did not match any documents,' Google blogsearch tells me. iiiiiiinteresting.

after seeing that 4Music Channel COMING SOON!!!!112 advert about fifty thousand times the past week or so and hearing 'Kiss With A Fist' by Flo & The Mash an equal number of times i thought i'd do a post about a young female singer/songwriter. how inspired.

Clare Maguire hasn't even done her first live gig yet so that's how new this stuff is.

her voice is pretty incredible and her demos are being produced by Primary 1 so you know it all sounds super smooth (speaking of which.. CLASH AT FIELD DAY! ugh. with Of Montreal - what to dooooo). Clare's music isn't really your typical singer/songwriter poppy fodder. it's darker, more haunting and far more sultry. and from what i gather she's putting some new demos up on myspace over the next few days. so watch out for that.

Clare Maguire - Strangest Thing (Demo)

also i caught Tellison and Tubelord live on Sunday night and they were pretty goooooood!

ps. i definitely got my first fan letter (email.. whatever) today. it was even titled "fan letter" so i'm 98% sure it was one. you guys could always just offload your life savings into an offshore bank account for me instead though.