Wednesday, 20 August 2008

field day & the breeders & facebook.

so Field Day was pretty naff minus those shorts Tim Harrington wore, The Mae Shi's set and erm that's about it. everyone else i saw was pretty boring or just really awful. i didn't get there til after 3pm so maybe all the fun fizzled out along with the hope of any decent weather. if you enjoyed yourself despite being surrounded by people who were just taking a piss anywhere and everywhere you can get early early earlybird tickets for next year's Field Day here.

i listened to the radio for the first time in bloody ages yesterday and managed to hear the new single from The Breeders. it sounds so goooooood. here's the video:

and they're giving away the mp3:

The Breeders - Bang On [right click save as]

sorry for such a half arsed post after two weeks but i am dying of flu and the news of Elle S'appelle splitting up has put a dampener on things!

also!! there's this facebook thingy where you can join the FUCKING DANCE blog network and other blogs' networks. it's pretty cool once you get going. join the network HERE.