Wednesday, 27 August 2008

i heard she broke your heart again.

okay okay between moving boxes, packing up nearly everything in my room (slowly) and praying it doesn't rain this weekend, i have been listening to some music.

i got sent the Modernaire remix of Metronomy's single 'Heartbreaker' and it sounds pretty bloody ace. the single is out Monday and the band are playing Offset Festival this weekend.

Metronomy - Heartbreaker (Modernaire Remix)

i'm all too excited to camp in the forest with (imaginary) bears and whatnot for Offset so i thought, beating Saam @ KHI to it, i'd do a quick round-up of some of the bands i am hoping to fit in! there isn't much point in gushing over GO4 because i'll do that when i get back.

die! die! die! first of all. i have been waiting to see these for bloody aaages. what to expect: abrasive, crunching guitars from the New Zealanders. woop!

die! die! die! - 155

ddd are also on my list to see. what to expect: echoes and feedback and distortion and all kinds of exciting things crammed into short, punchy songs.

ddd - Knives

So So Modern because they are fantastic live. what to expect: disturbed electro fused with screeching guitars.

So So Modern - Piece It Apart

Untitled Musical Project because i still haven't seen them yet. what to expect: short, fast-paced, absofuckinglutely brilliant punk-driven noisy songs.

Untitled Musical Project - A Popular Musical Composition

i also have a crazy idea i can fit JoFo, VEGC, Situationists, PABH, Dead Pixels, S.C.U.M, Metronomy, Future Of The Left, Popular Workshop, Official Secrets Act and several others into the two day extravaganza.

if there's anyone you think i should get round to seeing please do leave recommendations!

just quickly.. on Monday night i did manage to catch Be Your Own Pet's second to last gig ever. it was pretty messy and pretty sweaty. good times had by all! such a shame to see them go.

and that BT voting thingy thingy has opened up again so if you have a spare ten seconds you can vote for my blog to be on a list with other blogs hurraaaaah.
AND (sorry i should really be more coherent etc etc) i'm moving out on Friday and in on Monday so i probably won't get to post again before then. not 100% sure when internet will be up and running in my new abode but hopefully it won't be too long. :)