Wednesday, 5 November 2008

needle in a haystack.

it's always nice when your friends do the hard work for you.

Riot Of The Century are a Manchester band comprised of people with pretty bleak outlooks on life. their cynicism stretches through every corner of their music and is all over their myspace page like a non-threatening rash. they're playing their first gig tomorrow at Star & Garter in Manchester so if you can get down to that i'd recommend you do so. expect fuzzy, analogue-y, JoFo inspired-esque tracks.

Riot Of The Century - You've Given Me Something I Can't Give Back

and then there's Animals Talking. twee indie pop from London that's actually decent. tales of broken hearts and teenage angst are woven into their songs without the slightest hint of melodrama. well worth checking out. they're playing in London in a few weeks time and it's free so you have almost no excuse not to go.

Animals Talking - Letters

ps. stop emailing me for re-uploadssss! it's nothing personal but stuff is available here for 7 days (unless stated otherwise) so just deal with it please and thank you kindly.