Sunday, 9 November 2008

sixth sense.

already having been majorly bummed by the likes of BBC6 Music, Artrocker and Lammo, i thought i'd give you my two cents about London based band Ice, Sea, Dead People.

their brand of scuzzy, Ex Models-esque, fast paced rock is incredibly infectious. drawing on influence from sexcellence such as Jarcrew, Erase Errata and Liars this band definitely aren't going to bore you to death like most stuff that seems to be floating around at the moment. check them ooout.

they sent me this wonderfully bizarre accompanying bit of info about the following track:

"It's about a boy from Berlin being inspired by Ziggy Stardust and dressing up with his sister's make-up to dance to David Bowie on some German TV show playing classics from the eighties. I know, I know, THAT cliché... ARF!!! We came up with the narrative after we tried to write a complete song in German - BUT I DON'T KNOW GERMAN!!! HA! SO it didn't quite work and then we added a lot of English words to the
lyrics. ARF, arf and arf. I digress... but... life's a digression, isn't it? Wasn't it? MMmmm. You ever woken up in your life to realise that you don't ask yourself the question; 'what the fuck am i doing?' we've been doing that a lot. It needs no answer, but noise. Attack the banal with noise. I'm sick of rock music that isn't. So fuck it."

Ice Sea Dead People - Justin Klein

also a couple of weeks ago my blog was featured in the magazine Record Of The Day. you can vote for this blog to win an award for 'Best Blog' over at their website: clickity click!