Saturday, 3 January 2009


i hope you all had a brilliant Christmas and New Years! seems like it's been a pretty interesting year for most people i know already. car crashes (yes plural!), prison, vomit, etc etc.

so here's a (pretty half hearted) post about what to expect over the coming 12 months.

1. obviously Flo & The Mash will proceed on her current path to world domination and eventually she will create a supermassive group of female singer/song writers with erm.. other singer/songwriters. her main enemy will be the 'quirky and whimsical' female electro artist (Little Boots, La Roux, Fan Death, Marina & The Diamonds..). who will win out? will we ever see these two forces unite? am i getting a bit carried away? tune in next time to find out.

2. with pop music being encouraged upon us in this time of economic turmoil, will we all go a bit mental? the 90s were pretty bubblegum poptastic if you ask me. we don't need round two.

3. some ones to watch: Little Comets, Operahouse, Clare Maguire, Women, all of the aforementioned quirky whimsical female electro outfits, Frankmusik (who is decidedly sounding more and more like Madonna each day - producer credit).

okay it might not all seem insanely exciting but at least there's the Danananaykroyd album to look forward to.