Wednesday, 7 January 2009

years of refusal.

i can't believe this blog is approaching the two year mark and i have yet to gush over Morrissey/The Smiths for all to see.

is an introduction really necessary here? i do have to say that Morrissey is probably one of my top three vocalists evaaaar.

this forthcoming album Morrissey covers old ground he laid out all that time ago with the release of 'The Smiths' back in 1984. failed relationships, misery and loneliness swathed in a bizarre arrogance, the terribleness of modern life. you'd think after nine solo albums there'd be nothing left to complain about.
'Years Of Refusal' starts with a brilliant opening track, 'Something Is Squeezing My Skull', but leaves me feeling slightly deflated for the rest of the album until the final track 'I'm OK By Myself' kicks in. despite this coasting along, the whole thing is punchy and modern in the best kind of way and manages to capture Mozza's essence. a few more standout tracks and this would be such an amazing album.

Morrissey - I'm OK By Myself

the album is out Feb 16th! pre-order here.