Tuesday, 3 March 2009

pictures of you.

this blog is not sponsored by Metronomy, i promise. but i have to post up the cover of The Cure's 'Fascination Street' they've done. it came out last week on a free NME CD packed full of actually pretty shit covers of Cure stuff.

Metronomy's version was better than all the rest by about 7053 miles of greatness. so for everyone who is usually about a week late, like myself, here it is.

speaking of covers.. i'll take this opportunity to post up a track given away on the Buffetlibre Rewind project. if you haven't checked it out by now.. yeeeeeeeeesh what are you DOING. i've posted about it ten million times already. so have a look.

off off off with your head.

despite it only being March, this year is already lending itself to being bloody brilliant album-wise. i have no idea why i thought it was going to such a quiet twelve months.

i'll keep this snappy as i'm sure you've already downloaded the leak way ahead of it's April 13th release date.

although i was expecting slightly more explosive results from the combination of two such powerhouses in the YYYs and Dave Sitek (of TVOTR legend), the forthcoming album, 'It's Blitz', is a bit good like. filled with numerous synth heavy tracks to get you dancing, the YYYs have tempered their earlier 'Fever To Tell' sound into something a bit more for everyone. 'Heads Will Roll' is my favourite track on the album, with some good old Karen O shouty singing layered onto a background of 80s-esque dark electro-pop.


pre-order the album here.