Monday, 6 April 2009

primary colours.

who'd have thought my favourite album of the year so far would a) be a band's second album and b) come from The Horrors?
when a band re-vamps their sound for their sophomore release, the results can often be disastrous and induce fear and panic into the minds of loyal fans. this coupled with The 'i-can-never-tell-if-they're-a-joke-or-not' Horrors did not leave me feeling excited or inspired. neither did the first single, 'A Sea Within A Sea', despite everyone telling me how amazing i should think it is.

not only have The Horrors redeemed their almost laughable ways, they have made the leap to credible, respectable and listenable-in-twenty-years-time with 'Primary Colours'. there's a mish mash of Joy Division-esque basslines, lots of frustrated guitars, absolutely no screaming from Faris, and plenty of shoegazing distortion. 45 minutes of pure pleasure.

The Horrors - Do You Remember [REMOVED BY LABEL REQUEST. what spoil sports]

pre-order the album here!