Tuesday, 21 April 2009


what are you doing when you're 14 years old? are you hanging around street corners decked out in Rockports and Ben Sherman terrorising the neighbours? are you inside playing World Of Warcraft until your eyeballs fall out of your face? or are you busy in your bedroom morphing into 'the next big thing'?

i was weird combination of the first two - don't ask, but the artist this post is about is one hundred and ten percent the latter.

he's already grabbed the attention of "the industry" (yawn), as well as the 1Xtra Show, so there are definitely major things coming up in his future. the name is Mnek and he makes pretty perfect pop music. think 'if only Kanye West could sing and bummed Prince a bit more'. an eloquent description if ever there was one. not only does he write everything himself, he produces it too, and when he isn't making shit hot tracks he is busy writing a shit hot blog.

check out the talent.

Mnek - Devil In Pumps (She Dips)

grab more tracks from the myspace and Illegal Tender.

(sick) diamond in the rough.

all hail the return of Track Of The Week, which i have ressurected because the following track has me up and dancing at 90mph within about two seconds.

an utterly banging mish mash of thudding basslines manages to create a blinder of a hip hop/grime influenced dark dance track.

Fillmore Bass myspace page.