Tuesday, 28 April 2009


i really thought i'd posted about Youves before but apparently not! my first encounter with the band was when i saw them back when they were still called Mirror!Mirror!, playing in the dingy Saki Bar in Manchester on an insanely freezing cold night. the PA was shit, the lighting was shit, the drinks prices were shit, the headline band were shockingly bad but Youves brought the party (to all eleven people in attendance).

then yesterday their mini album arrived in the post from Holy Roar Records. at seven tracks and 23.4 minutes long, 'Cardio Vascular' is a short but sweet introduction to the dance-punk world of Youves.
screaming at you from the get-go with screeching guitars and a thundering drum beat, this five piece from Nuneaton really mean business. not only do they smack you in the face with cowbells and plenty of hi-hat action, but they tease you with their riddles and clever lyrics.

the press release says "like Black Flag being produced by James Murphy, but without the steroids and militant dogma", so if that doesn't convince you they are well worth checking out, i don't know what will.

the mini album is out on May 4th. click here to pre-order it. the artwork is beyond brilliant [click for a look], and well worth the money.