Monday, 15 June 2009

another city, another sorry.

today sees the release of Manchester band, The Answering Machine's debut album.

it has been an extraordinarily long time coming for those of us there from the beginning! i last wrote about the band when they had a drum machine called Mustafa, but since then they have picked up a real live boy to do the drumming as well as racking up numerous positive reviews from all over the shop.

full of 'ooh's, hand claps and insanely brilliant pop gems, The Answering Machine have created a fantastic first album. kicking off with the album title track, they launch straight into their signature 'Strokes-meets-a lot-of-sunshine' sound and set the tone for the 37 minutes that are to follow. soaring into the danceable gems that are 'Obviously Cold' and 'Oh Christina', TAM utilise tambourines and xylophones whilst singer Martin belts out lyrics about friends changing and life passing by.
then there's the delicate touch of 'Tomorrow', followed by 'Cliffer' with its youthful wisdom in lyrics like "just because i'm on your side, doesn't mean you're right". there's no shortage of sing-along tracks with the inclusion old favourite 'Oklahoma', 'It's Over!..' and 'Lightbulbs', yet the band still manage to display their softer and more sensitive side in 'The Information'.

whilst this was a terribly written review, the album is bloody amazing so buy it.

The Answering Machine - Obviously Cold (Tim And Sam Remix)

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