Sunday, 5 July 2009

five easy pieces.

last night i went and (finally) checked out O.Children and New Look at Cargo.

slick and sexy electro duo New Look managed to impress with effortless cool. beautiful vocals from Sarah Ruba held the spotlight and everybody's attention throughout. an incredibly soulful and immaculate performance. absolute proof that 'model turned singer' doesn't always equal humongous disaster.

New Look - Make It Over
[alt. link]

O.Children have been around for ages and ages, in several different forms, but they've finally cracked onto a winning recipe in their music. Tobias O'Kandi's voice is unbelievably creepy, and when paired with his towering physique and the gloomy musical backdrop provided by the rest of the band, O.Children are entirely captivating to watch and listen to. it would be very cheap to just label them in with other east London doom-post-punk-pop bands as there is certainly a layer of timelessness about their haunting presence that has not yet had a chance to break free.