Tuesday, 7 July 2009

hurricane drunk.

beware, the following post contains gushing, fan-girling and lots of adoration.

on Monday Florence & The Machine's debut album, 'Lungs' was released. it surpassed my expectations completely, and has now replaced 'Bitte Orca' as my favourite album of the year so far. the album sold over twenty six thousand copies on Monday, which, considering no one buys shit anymore, is a huge deal. she's currently number 1 in the mid-weeks and hopefully will knock it out of the park by Sunday.
'Lungs' is filled with harps, ukuleles, 90s baleric piano riffs ('nu' trend?), handclaps and thundering drum beats topped off with plenty of heartwrenching lyrics from a love stricken siren. it's definitely the most exciting debut i've heard this year (soz La Roux), and i really hope the brilliance of this album isn't just a flash in the pan. what else.. oh. BUY IT yeahh.

Florence & The Machine - Halo (Beyoncé cover, Radio 1 Live Lounge) [alt. link]

conclusion: florence and her machine > pretty much everyone at the moment.
buy the album here.