Sunday, 19 July 2009


you know that moment when you hear something for the first time and you instantly think "holy crap this is REALLY GOOD"? and isn't it great when you return to it 24 hours later and it sounds just as good, or in this case, even better?

Lion Club's press release says they're "uber-talented", and managed by a dude "of S.C.U.M fame" which makes me cringe more than when my mum adds my friends on facebook. but despite this poor introduction Lion Club have won me over in a big big way.
comprised of Lewis, Matt, Alex and Thomas, the band are producing a massive sound worthy of a band twice their age and experience. this is ultimate doom pop. Lewis' vocals are intense and heartwrenching on top of thundering drums and crashing cymbals. new new wave, romantic wave or whatever you want to call it, these boys are undoubtedly making brilliant music. there's a single in the works that is due for release in September, make sure you watch out for that.

Lion Club - A Cashmere Thing (Demo)

they're playing 1234 Festival next Sunday (i'll be doing a preview of that next week), and Underage for you youngbluds.