Thursday, 23 July 2009

shoot em up.

filling the gap between new bands like Blakfish and Dinosaur Pile Up are Gun Crime, a duo formed in late 2008. making raw, rapidly paced tracks that carefully dance between angular and hardcore 'lite', Gun Crime have hit on a brilliant formula. it isn't pretty and it isn't neat, but it sounds totally amazing. if you're missing Elle Milano, Blood Red Shoes, VEGC, and/or Plastic Passion then look no further, these boys will give you all that and much more. listen and prepare to immerse yourself into their frantic yet danceable world.

Gun Crime - She Wants It [alt. link]

ta to Illegal Tender for the recommendation.

and don't forget it's 1234 Festival on Sunday! only £15 for a ticket, stellar line up. pray for sunshine. follow me on Twitter where i'll be updating live.