Thursday, 30 July 2009

1234 festival.

sooo on Sunday i went to 1234 Festival in Shoreditch Park. in short, it wasn't that amazing. it pissed it down for most of the day (obviously that wasn't the organisers' fault), the staff (bar staff excluded) were ridiculously grumpy/mean and the bands weren't on when they were supposed to be on. therefore i'm not entirely who was who, and am reserving full judgement.

however, i do know that Lion Club were good (for the 4 songs I saw). Hatcham Social were wearing silly clothes (denim jacket with shoulder pads????). Patrick Wolf, Ox.Eagle.Lion.Man and Polly Scattergood were all terrible/self indulgent/unbearable to watch. and The Rakes are always great.

The Rakes - The Light From Your Mac

onwards and upwards eh! it's Field Day this Saturday (and my birthday tomorrow) so fingers crossed for sunshine/less schizo weather, and smaller toilet queues than last year.