Sunday, 23 August 2009

tell it in my ear.

Fergus & Geronimo aren't actually called Fergus & Geronimo but that doesn't matter because they make wonderful fuzzy, summery pop songs that can warm even the coldest of hearts. if your teenage years were similar to those of Danny Zuko & Sandy Olsson's, then listening to this track will be like being whisked down memory lane. but of course your teenage years weren't like that because they were fictional characters, however i'm sure you get the idea.

Fergus & Geronimo - Tell It (In My Ear)

the boys at the ever impeccable Transparent are releasing this track on their own label. you can pre-order the Pure Groove exclusive right here.


exclooooosive up in here.

i wrote about Hereford darlings Apples a little while ago now, and since then they've managed to charm the pants off just about everyone who has been lucky enough to hear them.
if you thought the tropical sounds of debut single 'Reason 45' were catchy, you're in for a real treat with this track because Apples have really outdone themselves. there are flickers of Talking Heads hidden beneath crisp vocals, 'ohh's and the caresses of a featherlight synth. the urge to dance and sing along is beyond irresistible. check it out, only here.

Apples - Monty [alt. link]

you can still get 'Reason 45' from here so do it.