Thursday, 27 August 2009

sea serpents.

with everybody well and truly preparing for another round of folk-pop loveliness (i've been hearing amazing things about the N&TW album), i should probably introduce Babe Shadow.
they make summery, folk-tinged pop songs about being in love, and manage to combine that with a slight sea-shanty feel. winning formula no doubt. they're really really great and i really really like them.

Babe Shadow - Sea Serpents

they have been and are continuing to gig like crazy in London so catch them while you can!

we wear masks.

the other day i came across an incredibly new and mysterious outfit named MASKS. they're from the south of England and have impeccable musical tastes ranging from HEALTH to Ultravox to Gang Gang Dance.
they have the intensity and rawness of an old school industrial rock band (think Killing Joke), whilst combining elements of newer more experimental noise bands like some of their influences.
there's a whole heap of potential floating around these guys so keep your eyes and ears alert.

MASKS - Tribal Fangs