Saturday, 26 September 2009

true romance.

being typically (and fashionably) late as usual, i went and caught Golden Silvers playing live for the first time on Tuesday.

it's been almost 5 months since 'True Romance', the band's debut album, came out and they’re still riding high on a wave of success that looks unstoppable. from supporting Blur earlier this summer to a spot on the coveted NME Radar tour it was no surprise then that the lovely lovely Flowerpot was absolutely rammed by the time i arrived.

arriving onstage under a dreamy glow of midnight blue lighting, Golden Silvers’ catchy brand of multi-faceted pop instantly wowed, and within a few minutes of playing, the entire audience was captivated and under the spell of charismatic frontman, Gwilym Gold.
slaughtering albums tracks left and right, there was barely time to pause between dancing and singing, and with the crowd reaching fever pitch, Golden Silvers launched into 'Arrows Of Eros' for their final song of the evening. piercing synths, the slap of a cowbell and a funk-infused bass line made it a blinding way to end. i can’t quite believe it took me so long to go and see this band.

Golden Silvers - True Romance (Penguin Prison remix)

you can catch them on the NME Tour (along with Marina & The Diamonds, Yes Giantess and Local Natives) starting from today! and you can pick up the album here. it's on lilac vinyl.