Friday, 2 October 2009

pray for me.

usually, having to go and see your friends' bands play is a tedious affair that involves you having to clap over enthusiastically to compensate for the lack of people in the room, and nod zealously when said friends ask if their performance was good.

rarely does going to see your friends' bands involve an A&R feeding frenzy and Peaches Geldof swishing her hair in every which way to the music whilst twittering about it. this is what happened to me yesterday. weird, but all the attention is completely deserved.

Chapel Club make atmospheric, brooding, new-wave indie. from the screech of guitars to the haunting sound of frontman, Lewis' vocals to the clatter and rhythm of the drums, it all comes together in a very romantic and bleak way. last night was their second performance together as Chapel Club and they've already got their band charisma down to a tee and mastered the art of engaging their audience. it's hard to look like stars in The Shacklewell Arms but they did it with ease.

Chapel Club - After The Flood

they're pretty bloody great so i suggest you keep your eyes firmly on them in the future.