Friday, 23 October 2009

secret catwalk.

this time next week (Friday 30th) i'm going to be preparing to 'rock the house' down at The Victoria, near Bethnal Green with my debut DJ set (don't laugh too hard).

Jehan over at Shattered Satellite is putting on a night of "Arthur Russell tinged pop revelry" featuring live sets from Django Django, ColouringIN, and his own band, Al Cool & The Stranger Wines. they're all very good so you should probably come along, it's only £2.

Al Cool And The Stranger Wines - CĂ©line

blending together hints of the now seemingly defunct Thamesbeat/Larrikin Love scene, a handful of funk-infused rhythms, alongside the ethereal sounds of a chill-wave/blog-wave synth, Al Cool seem to be hitting the nail on the head. i've also been privileged enough to get a listen to the remix (fixed up by Entreprenuers) of this track and it is a bit phenomenal.

facebook event page.