Monday, 7 December 2009

we want war.


i dunno about the music though. sounds like i'm playing World Of Warcraft in the background.


you will be sick of hearing the following in 2010 (IN A GOOD REALLY REALLY GREAT WAY):

1. Clare Maguire
2. Delphic: Delphic - Doubt (Riton Remix)
3. Hurts
4. Ellie Goulding
5. Chapel Club

basically anyone on Universal???

6. Fenech Soler
7. Tinashe
8. Darwin Deez: Darwin Deez - Radar Detector
9. Is Tropical: Is Tropical - I Think We're Alone
10. Wolf Gang

or maybe this is just a list of who i am unbearably excited to hear infinite amounts of music from.