Wednesday, 9 December 2009

another face to show.

unless you live under a rock the size of Jupiter then you'll know all about
Delphic. ripping a giant hole in the proverbial backside of what was an extremely lazy music scene in Manchester (Stockport, whatever, it's the same difference to anyone not from there), they seem to have brought a new vibrancy and excitement to the city.

'Doubt' is one hell of a cracking track already, but the guys have decided to let you all in on the magic by running a remix competition. i've got one stem here, and you can find the other parts across the following (amazing) blogs: Big Stereo, Electrorash, Hot Biscuits, Neon Gold, The Mix Tape, Too Many Sebastians & Trash Menagerie.

happy remixxxxxing. go to Delphic's site for a remix app and other stems. check out the ridiculously incredible Riton re-rub below. big ups.