Wednesday, 23 December 2009

all i have is what i've found.

sometimes it is actually wise to listen to your friends when they talk to you about music. you might think "nah nah i know absolutely everything about everything music related, i even know who is going to be big in 2057 and whether Ladyman Gaga is a man or a woman or both". but like a beautiful bat out of hell, a friend's recommendation can lead you to a discovery so good you contemplate killing said friend just so you can have it all to yourself.

a week ago or whatever, my pal George tweeted about this fella going under the moniker Constrobuz. his myspace says nothing more than "ok i just make beats i hope you like them" and beats he makes indeed. prolific in that he has roughly 100 demos available to download from his page, Constrobuz began experimenting after being largely influenced by 9th Wonder. he says "i loved the way he [9th Wonder] chopped soul samples and when i heard he used fl studio (software that a lot of people thought/still might think is amateurish) i was like 'hmmm i should try this production shit'."

it worked out pretty bloody good.

he's currently working on producing a rap album.