Friday, 8 January 2010

with the lights out.

(image via Ashiya Eastwood)

if i'm honest, i don't tend to read many of the PR emails i get regarding this blog. that is because a) they're usually not what i want to read (who cares if P!nk got Grammy nominated??) and b) most of the time, the music recommended to me is shite. yes, shite. utterly shite. (i do however read - and occasionally respond to - 'fan mail'. plus, i'm single if you were wondering..)

anyway i did actually read the email these guys sent me. lucky since they're awesome.

King Antics are playing that whole 'mysterious' card but that doesn't matter because they make the kind of noise i adore. self describing their music as "powerful, elegant wave". they like Bowie (happy birthday), Bjork and Wire. in their first set of demos you can hear moments of genius waiting to be thawed out from beneath the industrialised synths. catch them live to find out more.