Tuesday, 12 January 2010

truth and nothing but.

(image via lagolo)

even writing this at 1.20am (thank god for scheduled posting), i am literally itching for everybody to hear the incredible sounds of Disclosure.

a duo comprised of brothers from the south of London, Disclosure make music that sounds like those scenes from nights out where you're not sure where you are, someone's just yelled it's 5am, there's sweat dripping from the ceiling, there's music sending a vibrating pulse shuddering around a crammed room, you close your eyes and are transported into your mind's own wonderland.
filled with heavy basslines, electronic samples and beats that you can't not dance to, Disclosure fit easily along side the likes of (the amaaaaaazing) Joy Orbison, Darkstar and other incredible talents in "emotional electronic music".

basically, they're brilliant.